Coated Seals (PTFE)


Produce with a special coated system (PTFE), those are used where the conventional elastomers can’t be used for the low chemical and mechanical resistance.

That application can be used on many rubber support: as o-rings, membrane ,valves seat, sheet and more other technical articles.

The coat (about 20 micron) provides protection against chemical agents, some acids and solvents, while the rubber core assure memory.

The PTFE coat have the 100% of bodying on every kind of material (except the silicon) and gives a minimal elasticity of 150% and the same elastic rebound of the coated material.

The NBR, Fluoroelastomero (VITON®) and EPDM gasket with the PFTE coated are suitable for use in a critical situations.

The coated O-ring and technical articles found their normal used in the mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutics and food  industry.

The advantages that derive from the use of these products compared to the conventional elastomeric O-ring:

  • Thermal resistance and chemical compatibility
  • No contamination for use in contact with food, pharmaceutics and medical products
  • Low friction coefficient and no-adherence coefficient
  • Low gas and vapour permeability

The coated material can be:

  • NBR à NBR – PTFE:  temperature resistance -40° / +100° C
  • VITON ® à VITON® – PTFE: temperature resistance -40° / +200°C
  • EPDM à EPDM – PTFE: temperature resistance -40° / +130° C

The coating is PTFE (fluoroelastomer) and this coating complies with the FDA regulation.